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For importers who are looking for authentic Indonesian cashews with a variety of quality options, we sell cashew nuts with export quality, both raw and ripe. We are ready to serve your supply needs for bulk purchases at the same time with the best quality and quite competitive and affordable prices and we have standardized according to the needs of the export market.


We maintain the quality of cashew nuts very carefully and through a long processing process. Starting from the selection of cashew nuts, drying, peeling using kacip tools, removing the epidermis, to drying in the sun or roasting all of that we do very carefully in order to maintain the best quality of our cashews.


it's our job to find out what the customer wants. therefore, we make every effort to immediately respond to what customers want positively. contact us at the contact listed here if you need more information from here

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Raw Cashew Nut

Raw Cashews apart from producing very special cashew nuts, their skins are equally beneficial. can be processed into oil called Chasew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) which can be processed into lubricants and varnishes

Best selling

Best selling

CashewNut Kernels

Cashews are rich in nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and C. In addition, cashews have a high calorie content. Every 100 grams of nuts produces 553 calories. Other ingredients are soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Broken Cashew Nut

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During processing cashew nuts are subjected to various thermal and mechanical stresses which cause the nuts to split open. Grading cashews into these two main classes (whole, separate) is done manually by visual inspection. Cashew nuts that are split open are called broken cashews. broken cashew is suitable as a cover sprinkling on top of a cake, or as an additional food complement or food raw material

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We are a company engaged in the plantation sector by producing cashew nuts as its superior product. we process cashew nuts with great regard to quality. Cashew nuts can not only be processed as food, but can also be used as raw material for the food industry. in addition, cashew nuts are one of the export commodities whose quality requirements already exist in Indonesian trade standards Therefore we as the best cashew nut supplier in Indonesia serve with high integrity and we guarantee reliable quality and commitment to you.


premium quality cashew nuts, I am satisfied with what I got. the seeds are completely intact and clean without blemishes. I will continue to be a customer from here on. service is also good and responsive

Sayyidah Annisa

Manager of Makqis Foodcourt

thank you very much for sending the cashews. the quality is really premium and large. I really like it, besides it's sweet, it's also really solid and doesn't break easily. very good


Manager of laziiz restaurant